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Woman Lab - Narratives

Mothering Through A New Normal - The Power of Moms

Looking back, the early years of being a mother felt like one long foggy day that engulfed me in a cloud of love, exhaustion, and grief...

Woman Lab - Narratives

The Sarah R Bagely Podcast #267

Kristen Carbone on Preventative Mastectomies, Body Image, & Thriving After Life Changes

Woman Lab - Narratives

Narratives of Sex After Mastectomy - Woman Lab

When I started asking women if they were willing to have a frank discussion about physical intimacy, I was surprised by how many were happy to share their experiences and advice...


Brilliantly Blog

Nayyirah Waheed writes:
       the wounds have changed me
       I am soft with scars
       my skin
       breathes and beats stars...(full post) 


Moms Who Know Podcast

How to Find Hope Moms Who Know Podcastand Healing After Mastectomy with Kristen Carbone


Extraordinary Moms Podcast - Episode 262

Being a Single Mom, Undergoing a Mastectomy, and Empowering Women with Kristen Carbone

Ana Ono - Dating Mastectomy

Dating After Mastectomy - Ana Ono Blog 

"Dating is an odd, humorous, sometimes depressing, sometimes amazing process of meeting new people. "

Engine Mom - New Normal

Engine Mom Podcast - Episode 50 

Embracing a New Normal & Building Community After A Transformation with Kristen Carbone

Woman Lab - Always Cold

Always Cold - Woman Lab

"Even on the warmest summer days I feel like I’m carrying an ice pack on my chest. With implant reconstruction after mastectomy, too little fat is left to insulate..."