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Like many of the best things in my life, the seeds for this business were sown by my dear, late mother. With her passing, Lisa left behind a ghost of my own mortality and my potential struggle with breast cancer.

Although it took me years to face the possibility of cancer head-on, in 2013 I had a preventative mastectomy and silicone implant reconstruction. This experience changed my identity, immediately and forever. People suddenly saw me through a different lens. I also myself anew, which was both wonderful and challenging.

Peace of mind regarding my future health always outweighed, by far, the persistent body image issues that accompanied waking up in a new body that looked and felt not only different, but unnatural. As it is, I still struggle with a number of side effects, such as limited strength and mobility, self-consciousness and anxiety.

With all of these experiences, I am driven to create solutions that may help all of us ease back into our new lives with unconditional permission to ask for what we need and the freedom that comes with being more comfortable..

Iā€™m dedicated to creating a brand, a vision, and a community that embody my mother's essence: beautiful, smart, authentic, supportive, no bullshit and ā€“ above all ā€“ warm.

My background in the arts spills into all aspects of my life and, therefore, this company. I want your experience with us to be beautiful, thoughtful and to always keep your needs firmly in mind.

With love and compassion,